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If you are interesting in importing Spanish wine why not create your own brand or label? In an extremely compatitive global market such as wine or olive oil labels are incredibly important and can be the difference between success and failure. In theory it should be all about the wine but the truth is that customers buy with their eyes.

Making your own label is not as difficult or complicated as you may think and of course there are many benefits to having your own unique wine, why put all your efforts into promoting someone elses product when you could be promoting your own? Of course the first step is also the most important – the wine and naturally we can help you find the right product for you, varietal type, price range and quantity being key questions to consider.

Once we have found the wine you can either use your own design or you can work with one of our specialised designers to create your label. After that we will register the brand and help with the legal side in Spain before going into production. Whether there is a cost for this will depend largely on the wine celler you´ve chosen and the quantity of the first order, in some cases for large orders the producer may consider absorbing the cost for you.

For further details please contact us, we´d be delighted to hear from you.


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