DO Montsant

One of the most exciting and indeed the newest region in Spain is the DO Montsant which has rapidly established a reputation for making wines with great character, minerality and a refreshing finish that complement a large variety of foods. DO Montsant is acclaimed globally by wine enthusiasts, the national and international press (Catalonian Wine Guide,Wine & Spirits, Wine Spectator, Wine Review, Mediterranean Food Magazine, etc) and wine critics (Peñin, Parker, Tanzer, etc.) for its exceptional high quality wines and amazing value.

The essence of Montsant is expressed by the grape varieties, the terroir and the producers. Garnacha and Cariñena make for big bold reds, whilst the newer, introduced varieities such as Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah all contribute towards the increasing range of exciting and complex wines. Most of the vineyards are limestone, sand or clay although some also have the same licorella (slate) soil found in the Priorat. The diversity of the producers, Cooperatives, family run wineries and an exciting mix of young locals and International winemakers all help to produce dynamic and award-winning wines of outstanding value.

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