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IMPORTANT We have many options for Bag in box, different sizes 3, 5, 10, 15 Litre, regions and of course prices. Please contact us for further details.

Looking for a great wine for less money? then this is the page for you, Vinocamino have searched high and low to find some of the best quality Bag in Boxes (BIB) in Spain.

The BIB is the modern day equivelent of the wine jug, except better. Better because the BIB is a box with a vacuum packed bag inside and a tap at the bottom, the fact that the bag is vacuum packed means that once you open the box the wine stays fresh for many weeks, unlike a bottle, where a young wine will oxidize, or ´go off´ within a couple of days. The 3 liter BIB is the equivelent of 4 bottles of wine but weighs considerably less and of course the BIB is almost completely recycleable making it far more ecologically friendl.

The BIB is a great solution not just for every day drinking at home, but for BBQ´s, partie beach and so on, as it´s easy to carry and use. In reality the BIB is in many ways a better container for wine and a big step forward ecologically, ultimately though we totally understand that it´s about the wine, which is why we took so much time to find the best ones we could.

Two of our favourites…

spanish baginbox



Without a shadow of doubt one of the best producers of Baginbox wines is VI A PUNT by Oriol Perez de Tudela. His vision and moto is, ´bring the wine back to the table´ with his philosophy being to bring good, affordable wine to the normal everyday dinner table, he believes delicious, quality wine should be affordable and available to everyone and is a key element to the traditional Mediterranean diet.

Oriol set out to hunt down the best white, red, and rose he could find in Catalunya for a reasonable price, so it´s no real surprise then that he ended up knocking on the door of some of the most well known and respected producers in the region. At the same time he recognised the fact that the Baginbox has something of an image problem, so a great deal of care and attention has gone into the design and packaging of these wines. As a result Oriols wines are now turning up in bars, restaurants and Delicatessens all over Barcelona and Catalunya.

The Masroig is a model Cooperative and the perfect example of how things can be done. Each land owner has complete control over their land and crops. When the time comes the farmer brings his produce to the Cooperative who buy it from them. Importantly, (as far as the wines are concerned), the Masroig only selects the best grapes, the ones that don´t meet the standard are sold on. The harmony between the farmers and the Cooperative has resulted in the Masroig become arguebly the best producer in the Montsant region.

These Baginbox wines are beautifully produced and packaged with each box containing 3 litres, which is the equivelent of 4 bottles of wine and of course once opened the wine is perfectly preserved.

spanish extra virgin


Light and air are two of the greatest enemies of olive oil, they result in loss of colour, flavour and aroma. The Bag in Box is the perfect answer as it is both light and air tight, which helps to preserve all the vitamins and natural beneficial properties. The olive oil is held in a vacuum packed bag within the box, which means that once you’ve started using it the oil is still perfectly protected against these two natural enemies.

This product belongs solely to the partners of the Agricultural Cooperative of the Masroig and is only available online through vinocamino. The olive oil is of the absolute highest quality. The elaboration takes place within 18 hours of harvesting and is cold pressed, so only the finest natural Extra virgin oil is used.

The oil itself is 100% Arbequina, famous for it’s intense aroma, beautiful taste and fresh green grass like colour. The taste is reminiscent of fennel, artichoke and green almonds with a touch of tomato and apple with a slight bite. Wonderfully Smooth in texture. Delicious.

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